Machine Readable Passport New Application

MRP new Application

All concerned are requested to take note that after March 2015, holders of hand-written passports are most likely to face difficulties during their international travel using hand written passports. Hence, holders of hand-written passports are requested to take Machine Readable Passport (MRP) before March, 2015.

However, in case of emergency, hand written passports may be issued with validity for five years and such passports may also be renewed for a maximum period of five years.

The Mission of Bangladesh Embassy in Ankara has been processing Machine Readable Passports (MRP) since May, 2012. Those who already have Bangladesh passport can apply to the Embassy for a new MRP passport. Applicant has to submit the followings to the Consular Section of the Embassy:

a) Fill in Bangladesh MRP Application Form

b) Old original passport with a photocopy of the original passport (the page with photograph)

c) National ID/Birth Certificate (with 17 digit registration number)

d) Appropriate fee (bank transfer/deposit slip of the transaction to the designated bank)- Bank Details

e) One copy of recently photographed biometric size photograph (35mm X 45mm) and one copy of big size photograph (3 inches X 3 inches ) with the face clearly visible
(no cap/covering, side face, dark background etc. is accepted)

Important Notes:

I. All fees must be paid through bank transfer/deposit slip of the transaction to the designated bank should be submitted along with the application. The Embassy does not have any cash transaction process for its services.

II. Under MRP system, all Bangladeshi citizens need to have separate passport including children, will be required. No Children Endorsement is allowed.